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Sex Therapy

Saving Throw Services provides sex therapy for improved intimacy. 

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What is Sex Therapy?

Consistent passionate sex with coordinated orgasms is a thing of the movies with choreographed movements, perfect lighting, and spray-tanned abs. Sex in real life can be confusing and painful; at times we miss each other and overlook each other’s needs. Maybe you feel undesired by your partner. Maybe sex is painful, or you have trouble being fully present during sex. Perhaps sex has become a relational chore and is creating tension in your relationship; or perhaps you have not experienced sexual intimacy with your partner in years and you are feeling alone.

Sex in real life also can be creative, intimacy-building, and pleasurable. If this vision of sex also feels too good to be true, sex therapy can help. Our counselors listen to your unique story, sexual history, and sexual routines. Then we will assist you in learning new ways to communicate and engage with each other. Our counselors can help you grow a satisfying sex life that includes safety, openness, communication, and connection. Through therapy, old wounds can heal and a pleasurable sex life can begin. 

We provide sex therapy to anyone who would like a more satisfying sex life including all gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations. Sexual struggles can feel isolating, but you are not alone.

We also provide spiritually sensitive sex therapy. Daniel Grunhaus has training and experience working with couples on how religious messaging may be impacting your sexual intimacy. Daniel and Colleen have also presented on this topic at the North Carolina Counseling Association conference.

If you are ready to initiate a free consultation to learn how sex therapy may be right for you, please click here.


Our services include, but are not limited to, the following common sexual complaints. 


Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

A majority of men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. So if sometimes it is hard to get hard, know that you are not alone. Sometimes ED may have a medical cause, so it is important to discuss your concern with a medical doctor. Other times, ED may coincide with stress, performance concerns, relational issues, trauma or other psychological origins that can be addressed in therapy. Counseling is a safe place to find support and generate solutions to improve your sex life.

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Vaginismus refers to the automatic contracting of the vaginal muscles that results in painful penetrative sex. Pain during sex may be caused by vaginismus or other origins such as insufficient lubrication or foreplay. If you are experiencing pain during sex, it is important to speak with a medical doctor to rule out medical causes. If you are experiencing vaginismus or pain during sex, working with a couples and sex therapist can help you begin to experience safety and pleasure during sexual activity through increased education, communication skills, and new solutions.  

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Low Desire

We encounter brakes and accelerators for our sex drive throughout our day-to-day life. A clean kitchen may be an accelerator or a stressful day at work may be a brake. You and your partner likely have different things that get your motors going so to speak, and maybe your motor has not turned on in a long time. For satisfying sex, accessing relaxation is necessary. Feelings of stress and unsafety can dampen libido. Sex therapy can help you learn your unique brakes and accelerators and give you language to communicate your needs. You will be empowered to own your experience and get your sex life back on the road again.

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